Introduction of Unisis

Logistics/Sterilization Center

Logistics/Sterilization Center
In 2009, we established the Logistics/Sterilization Center near the Saitama Plant to respond to customer needs with no delay.
This center is a highly value-added facility that provides for logistics, packaging, sterilization, R&D, and QA.
  • Address: 2623-1 Nishikata, Koshigaya City, Saitama 343-0822, Japan
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  • Phone: +81-48-990-8250 / Facsimile: +81-48-990-8251

Quick View Of Logistics/Sterilzation Center

Logistics/Sterilization Center Profile
2-story reinforced concrete building
1F: Sterilization and logistics area (350㎡)
2F: Packaging room (clean room) and RD/QA area(450㎡)
Principal facilities
1 cleanroom (200㎡)
1 antistatic device
2 elevators
2 EOG sterlizers
2 blister packing machines
3 steri-bag sealing machines
1 insect control system

Facilities for RD/QA
Digital microscope
Universal tensile testing machine
Confocal lazer scanning microscope
surface grinder
Clean bench