In Medica 2015, UNISIS presents common booth with the Alliance Companies

listed below,
who are sympathetic to our JAPAN Quality Project to disseminate the “Made in Japan”
high-quality, high-performance, and highly-reliable products to the World.
MEDICA 2015, Dusseldorf November 16-19, 2015
Please visit our booth 6K37, Hall06!!


UNISIS factory image


UNISIS has been an expert company mainly
focusing on anesthesia / specialty needle at
OEM basis, and our products are enjoying
high reputation from customers worldwide.

UNISIS is being consistent from material resourcing
to manufacturing all in Japan, and we highly esteem
"JAPAN QUALITY" in supplying high-quality products.


Unisis Corporation

Unisis Corporation

UNIEVER Spinal Anesthesia Needles with Pencil point, K-3 Lancet point

- Spinal Anesthesia Needles with Pencil point, K-3 Lancet point
(Whitacre type, Sprotte type, Quincke type)

- Pencil point needle is Unisis's Flagship that has been stably supplied to the world with Japanese prominent technology and unparalleled quality.

- Various length / outer diameter are available
Pencil Point: 22G - 29 G, 50mm - 120mm
K-3 Lancet Point: 18G -29G, 50mm - 120mm

UNIEVER Epidural Anesthesia Minitray

- Contain all you need for intra- and post - operative pain control.

- Heel part of the bevel is specially treated to enable smooth insertion and prevent damade to the catheter.

- Epidural Anesthesia Catheter made of polyurethane with excellent biocompatibility

- Radiopaque agent is linearly embedded for easy detection of catheter piece left in case of breakage inside body.

- Smooth sliding Loss of Resistance Syringe.

Special Needles

- Not only the basic performance, we propose the product to satisfy the requirement for various purposes,
like the suitable shape of needlepoints and special specification including echo marking with excellent visibility.

- Unisis is also capable of responding to the customer's request to materialize the new specification currently inexistent.

- various type of needle & Cannulae
Angiograhic needle
Bopsy needle ( model Chiba type)
Ovum pick-up needle
Nerve Blockade needle, Nerve Blockade needle( Echogenic)
Metal Dilator
Lutz Point, Crawford,

BEAR Medic Corporation

BEAR Medic Corporation

Micro Vascular Clip

- BEAR’s Disposable Micro Vascular Clips were developed under supervision of Dr. Susumu Tamai, the first doctor who succeeded in finger replantation in the world, and we are considered a pioneer in the field of DISPOSABLE vascular clip.

- BEAR artery clip and vein clip have a unique hemispheric designmicrosurgery devices.
that assures secure, non-slip occlusion. These clip are essential

Micro Suture Needle

- We have an abundant variety of micro suture needle product
manufacture custom-made products in response to various demands for being able to respond to each case. It is also possible to from end-users.

- Variety of products up to 12/0, 50μ available.




- Sufficient closure for whole circumference
without atresia movement and easy to re-clipping.

- A minimally invasive medical clamper
for an operation for colonic cancer.

- Enable to smooth medical procedure under laparoscopic operation.

- The gut clamper is already in clinical use in Japan and confirmed its effectiveness in preventing recurrences of colonic cancer.



Angiorrhaphy training simulator for brain surgery

- Acquisition Angiorrhaphy skill with Lifelike blood vessel.
- At the end of training, trainee can confirm the suture through visual judgment or passage of liquid with infusion pump.

Intravenous injection training simulator

- Lifelike injection-site of skin& intravenous allows trainee to improve intravenous injection skill.
- 2 kinds of vessel variation( thin and thick) and safety function of metal plate under simulator prevent needle-stick during training.