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Corporate Identity

Brand Name

  • About Our Brand Name
  • "UNIEVER", our brand name, is a fusion representing the founders’ hope for UNISIS to continue existing and contributing to the people as “one unit of unique organization forever”.

    All employees are challenging to fulfill this founders’ hope with customers’ trust in Unisis.


  • About Our Logo
  • Our logo is a “U” in the shape of a heart. It stands for “UNISIS,” which simultaneously represents friendliness, warmth, and life, symbolized by the shape of the heart. The ends of the “U” extend beyond the border of the oval frame to signify our infinite possibilities beyond the present status.

    The oval shape of the frame is a metaphor of our status, which is not perfect, but at the same time expresses our wish to get nearer to the circle, perfection.

Corporate color – blue

  • Corporate color – blue
  • We have selected the color “blue” for our logo, which refers to our planet Earth to emphasize that we market to the entire world.
    Accordingly, the shade of blue we chose is sea blue, because the sea is the origin of life. We feel that the color matches our perspective as a provider of medical supplies.

    The red represents people on the earth, in contrast to the blue sea, while the gray color stands for steel, the material of our products.