MEDICA 2014 Innovator of Specialty Needle for Quality Human Life.



Company Profile

Unisis is a Japanese leading manufacturer that focuses on Specialty Needle for medical field.
We are uniquely positioned as a manufacturer that is capable of all phases from design, manufacturing to sales of various high-quality specialty needles.
Placing top priority to the commitment to customer satisfaction, our products are used worldwide.

Local Anesthesia

Longstanding achievement, reliability and high reputation from customers.

Unisis's key product line lasting since we started manufacturing and supply to global market.
The unwavering consumer confidence is the result of the achievement accumulated for many years.
In particular, Pencil point needle is Unisis's Flagship that has been stably supplied to the world with Japanese prominent technology and unparalleled quality.

Spinal Anesthesia Needles more

Pencil Point Needle.

Epidural Anesthesia Needles more

Huber Point Needle. Crawfrod Needle.

Combined Spinal Epidural Anesthesia Needle

Pediatric anesthesia

Variations of shapes and sizes, suitable for pediatric use.

The capability to meet the detailed demands required only for pediatric patients is the strength of Unisis that has an integrated manufacturing system from product design through to finished products.
We supply various specification with the suitable thickness and length, furthermore the sharpness optimized for more delicate treatment for pediatric patients.

Spinal Anesthesia Needles more

Pencil Point Needle.

Epidural Anesthesia Needles more

Huber Point Needle. Crawfrod Needle.

Pain Management

Superior visibility under ultrasonic image, developed on customers' perspective.

Designed for higher safety and secure operation while minimizing the damage to human tissue.
As a specialized manufacturer, Unisis supplies the needles with higher visibility under ultrasonic echo image and the optimum needlepoint that supports secure operation.

Nerve Blockade Needle(Echogenic) more

Back Cut Point, K-3 Lancet Point, Huber Point, Excellent visibility

Nerve Blockade Needle more

Angio Circulatory System

Extensive availability of design and characteristics to meet customers' choice.

Needles with the optimized surface treatment enable more secure combination with various guide wires in the minimum clearance.
Unisis offers abundant variations with appropriate needlepoint suited for various purposes and operations, and silicone coated needles is also available for more smooth puncture.

Angiographic Needle more

One-pice needle(Lancet/Back cut), Two-pice needle(Tri BEVEL), Metal Dilator

Special Needle

Technical competence to satisfy customers' needs.

Not only the basic performance, we propose the product to satisfy the requirement for various purposes, like the suitable shape of needlepoints and special specification including echo marking with excellent visibility.
Unisis is also capable of responding to the customer's request to materialize the new specification currently inexistent.

Multi-Use&PTCD Biopsy Needle
(Model Chiba-type) more

Back cut point

Ovum Pick-Up Needle more

Education Related

Unique educational tool, good for safer operation.

For safe and secure operation, appropriate practices and experience is essential.
Unisis offers unique educational tools for all the manufactuers, distributors and end-users.
(1) Simulator: This product enables trainees to practice daily in the situation closed to the actual clinical environment.
(2) Needle Model: Seeing various types of needlepoints makes it possible to learn each characteristics and usage.

Needle Model more

Simulator(Spinal/Epidural) more

Alliance Product

High quality and unique product lineups.

Unisis offers various unique products available only from Japan, such as the high-quality and performance Glass Syringe made in Japan.

Glass Syringe

Bite Block

Dressing Film